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Modern Apartment Renovation

The project is called La Dolce Vita as sometimes it is so important to pause a bit your life, to look around and to find comfort and love in small things and moments. To live "here" and "now" and enjoy the real life around you. The apartment looks like a welcoming harbour which gives you love, relaxation and indulgence. The warm cream brûlée colour of walls, as well as the rounded shapes of furniture invite to relax. The accents are done by a few bright pictures on the walls, dynamic ornament on the carpet in the living room, free standing furniture pieces such as the entry console, the armchair in the bedroom and tv-unit in the living room. There are a lot of mirrored and polished surfaces in the apartment which beautifully reflect the light. The coloured full height mirrors in the corridor visually enlarge it and hide the entry into the walk-in wardrobe. Thus the homogeneous and monochrome colour palette is not boring but welcoming and playful.