Irina Kireeva - Architectural & Interior Design | Services
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01 Architectural & interior design

We offer a full range of services from concept to completion working with architecture and interior designs depending on needs and requirements.

Project design consists of several stages:

  • start with the phone call where we discuss your requirements in brief
  • arrange a meeting with you at your home, or premises to go deeper into your needs
  • tailor a contract and fee structure based on the scope of works and brief discussed
  • once approved we come to project execution
  • depending on type of project we provide architectural sketches and concept boards, mood boards, drawings and elevations, floor plans, set of drawings for construction and building authorities, collages and 3D modelling
  1. Field dimension plan
  2. General drawings and elevations
  3. Floor plans
  4. Reflected ceiling plan (ceiling sections, when required)
  5. Crown molding plan
  6. Flooring plan
  7. Floor heating layout (when required)
  8. Lighting plan
  9. Electric switches layout and schedule
  10. Electrical outlet layout
  11. Air conditioning layout*
  12. Plumbing layout*
  13. Doors layout drawings
  14. Elevation plan (for every room, including tiling for bathrooms/wc)

*in collaboration with suppliers

02 Construction supervision

We do construction supervision in order to be sure that the developed idea is implemented in every detail. Within the supervision we keep in touch with the construction team, visit the site checking the progress and answer all necessary questions online and offline. Construction supervision is charged on hourly rates and the cost depends on the dwelling size and location.


03 Furnishing

If you require assistance in sourcing and selection of furnishings (including the built-in furniture, kitchens, wardrobes), lighting, finishing materials like marble, tiles, floorcoverings, the decorative materials, bespoke items, vintage or artwork, we are here to help.

04 Floor plan and furniture layouts

We can develop floor plans and furniture layouts for an individual room, groups of rooms, or a whole house. Usually we provide different scenario solutions and it is up to you to choose the best option.


05 Design consultation

If you are not ready for the whole design project but still in need of professional advice – we can provide you with an offline or online consultation. Please contact us and schedule a consultation. It is hourly rated.  We can run it in zoom or skype. It is recommended to provide us with the list of your questions in advance when scheduling the consultation.

06 Decoration and styling

If you are a bit tired of your house design we can assist you in the redecoration of your space with the change of color palette, furniture layout, textile, art. Or sometimes on the contrary you just finished the construction process but the house lacks some coziness – we can do a room makeover adding life into your home.